A String of Naked Lightbulbs


How can we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the only nightclub the Queen has ever visited?

Annabel’s is the jewel in the crown of London’s nightlife. Famous for its railings, its smoking terrace and its amazing parties, Annabel’s is a fixture of London with no rival. So when it was time to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary, it was time to pull out all the stops.

Working with RSA, Ridley Scott’s production company, Mission commissioned and produced a documentary about the iconic venue, interviewing some of its most illustrious and most devoted partygoers from the last 50 years. From Naomi Campbell to Anna Wintour, the stars were eager to share their memories in a 60-minute documentary that has since been distributed across BBC, BA and NBC.

The documentary provided a human touch to the celebrations, giving us a chance to tell the club’s real story, through something more relatable than those images of celebrities and flashing lightbulbs.

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