Into the Wild

Krug festival 2017

Engage a younger, experience-driven audience with a Champagne Brand whose loyalists are more wine connoisseurs than refined maverick.

In 2016 we created a one-off brand experience on the exclusive Osea Island to launch the Krug x Music platform. This year, transported the unique festival to the grand English wilderness to deliver ‘Into the Wild’ at The Grange in Hampshire.

A fusion of Krug, Argentinian culinary sybarite, Francis Mallmann, and music curators Mahogany delivered a standout experience for 300 invited guests comprised of 60% ticketed consumers, influencers and media

Alongside the activation, we hosted a unique press trip to Mallmann’s island in Patagonia, inviting the artists to capture unique content in the Krug vineyards that now lives on Mahogany’s social channels; we also created a standalone microsite, retailed tickets and managed all amplification through total-channel media platforms (including 6 pages in Conde Nast Traveller and 35m views of the Netflix show ‘Chefs Table’ featuring Francis Mallmann).

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