City HardWear

Tiffany & Co.

What would we do to showcase an elegant new jewellery collection which took its inspiration from the grit and glamour of New York, whilst retaining the classic elegance true to Tiffany and Co.?

We constructed a strategic three tiered approach of media preview, guest hosting and launch party; hosting press at a series of events including dinner at Hixter, lunch at The Boundary and an art trail at the Whitechapel Gallery.

In a brave move away from traditional new collection launches, the VIP reveal party was a completely immersive experience. We used a bespoke gold wrecking ball as the catalyst for social engagement at the VIP and influencer launch party, where guests were given a chance to view the HardWear line worn by eight models who emerged out of a truck – where guests were later invited to view the product itself and to walk on stage. The evening culminated with a performance from TLC.

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