House of Peroni

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

What if a beer acted like an Italian style brand?

Peroni transformed their brand when they realized they were more of a style icon than just a beer, but the notion of ‘Italian Style’ has mixed reactions in the US. However, rather than change the brand, we decided to change consumer perceptions instead.

Peroni partnered with globally recognized Italian fashion designer Margherita Missoni to design a limited edition fashion accessory and Gia Coppola, niece of film royalty Sophia Coppola, to curate the ‘Grazie’ Film Series. These collaborations gave Peroni international style credibility as well as amazing content that got the message across.

In 2016, in order to live and breathe as a true style brand, Peroni engaged a Creative Director to curate the brand activation for the first House of Peroni in North America, genuinely acting more like a fashion brand than a beer.

For those that know, Peroni is the only beer to be seen drinking.

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