Imagine Better


What if we created the largest global singalong ever, with a group of international music artists?

To make a global impact for UNICEF is a bigger brief than most. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration for the Convention on the Rights of a Child, UNICEF wanted to create awareness of their work, reimagining a better life for children.

We created the #IMAGINE project: 30 global music artists rerecorded John Lennon’s iconic song ‘Imagine’, and then we made a video that premiered at The United Nations General Assembly, hosted by Yoko Ono. The project also invited ordinary people to record their own versions of the song for the chance to be included in the video alongside their favorite stars.

With an extraordinary array of talent involved, the event generated press coverage all over the world, showcasing UNICEF’s important work and marking a meaningful moment in music history.

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