Building Icons

Caprice Holdings

What happens when you see potential threats as opportunities instead?

How do you protect the reputation of London’s most iconic restaurant and build the reputation of a new one? Each demanded a unique solution.

The Ivy is a London institution that has served many thousands of patrons over the past century. When they decided to refurbish it, we had the idea of transforming upheaval into opportunity: a reputation-building event that would auction restaurant contents and curio with Sotheby’s and donate the proceeds to a charity.

The Ivy Sale surpassed all expectations, raising over £1million for Child Bereavement UK and securing huge media coverage.

As for the new restaurant – with the name ‘Sexy Fish’ and an incredible collection of art, including a life-size crocodile by architect Frank Gehry— we knew the launch could make waves.

So we commissioned Europe’s top underwater photographer Zena Holloway to capture Rita Ora in her first underwater shoot. The images generated blanket media coverage. The launch was attended by Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan and Goldie Hawn. Quite a catch for our client.

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