The Mixing Bar

St. Ives

For its second year, we made the St. Ives Mixing Bar the go-to destination for gen-zennial consumers to engage with, learn about and have fun with the St. Ives brand.

The St. Ives Mixing Bar is a unique customisation stop where consumers were able to personalise their own products – such as face scrub and body lotion – and get a closer look at the premium ingredients.To generate national awareness for the St. Ives Mixing Bar, Mission hosted a media preview the morning of the store’s public opening with celebrity/influencer Jordyn Woods.

Throughout the 14 week run, a variety of programming took place including: celebrity visits, the LIVE with St. Ives concert series, wellness and music events, influencer visits, and more; content was created, events were hosted, media interviews were conducted, live music was performed and more, all to drive ongoing national awareness and local footfall.

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