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Collaborating with award-winning singer-songwriter St. Vincent, Veuve Clicquot commissioned a team of creative collaborators bring the pleasure of sipping on Veuve Clicquot life through the senses of sight, sound and smell. This part speakeasy, part sensory experience was a champagne bar with a difference and drew incredibly eclectic crowds.

One of the most hotly-anticipated events in the central London calendar, this year the Covent Garden Light Switch On was hosted by Emilia Clarke, Dame Emma Thompson and Paul Feig. Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott hosted the 6,000 strong crowd, who were entertained by the West End cast of The Snowman who brought traditional festive cheer to the piazza.

Hawkins popped up in Shoreditch as Coca-Cola launched the Stranger Things pop-up Arcade. The Hawkins-themed arcade featured authentic 80s arcade games, with a secret entrance to the ‘upside down’ accessible only to those with a keen Stranger Things eye.


Neuralink, a human-machine interface

No stranger to controversy, the iconic entrepreneur Elon Musk has always pointed to the exponential growth in computer technology as a humanity’s most pressing issue. He argues that our problem lies in our inability to converse with computers any faster than we can type with either eight fingers or the increasingly common two thumbs. Musk’s latest endeavour, Neuralink, looks to solve this problem by implanting electrodes into our brains, allowing speed-of-thought information transfer between humans and machines. The most pressing question must be: do we want electrodes implanted into our brains? And once you go down that rabbit hole, questions about what makes us human, or a computer sentient, raise their ponderous heads. Head-scratchers aside, it’s not all doom and gloom as with this technology would come with a range of benefits for those suffering from brain and/or spinal injuries. To date, people who have been paralysed have been able to control computers and even move robotic arms with the power of the mind. As with all technological advances, the potential risks and rewards are great, but with a long history of academic research and the idea of AI as a threat becoming part of the cultural conversation, you can guarantee we’ll be seeing more from Neuralink."Elon Musk has always pointed to the exponential growth in computer technology as humanity’s most pressing issue."

For Estée Lauder we created and executed a uniquely shareable experience for 12 influencers to support and amplify the Estée Lauder Double Wear range, inspiring our concept, Double Wear Double Destination, with the Bronze Goddess collection intertwined.

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Launching as part of Get Up Stand Up Now, Somerset House’s summer exhibition, Hennessy: For the Culture explores how a 250-year-old cognac brand has become synonymous with British music culture. this exciting installation focused on Hip-Hop and Grime, delving into the relationship between black creativity, culture and Hennessy Very Special.